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We’ve been involved in a variety of assignments, ranging from advisory to program design and delivery, game-changing research, and incubating new platforms for energy access. Here is a sampling of some of the work our team has undertaken. 

Our Experience

Transforming the Power System in Energy-Poor Countries.png

The Transforming the Power System in Energy Poor Countries report highlights the central importance of galvanizing climate action in the 81 energy-poor countries that are home to nearly half the world’s population. Catalyst developed the Excel-based, predictive model underpinning the report. The team also made substantive inputs on the storyline and provided editorial feedback. This report was launched in November 2021 at COP 26.

Transforming a Billion Lives.png

The Transforming a Billion Lives report combines qualitative case studies with predictive economic modelling to explore the job creation potential that would flow from a steep and rapid increase in investment in DREs across 63 energy-poor countries in Asia and Africa. Catalyst developed the predictive jobs model that drives the report storyline. In addition, Catalyst researched and drafted the case studies in the report, prepared the core storyline, and provided editorial inputs to the final copy of the report. The report was launched on the margins of the 2021 UN General Assembly.

road to glasgow.png

Catalyst prepared eight case studies that illustrate DRE-powered value chains/industries’ ability to spur job creation, economic growth, inclusion, and climate mitigation. Cases covered a variety of industries (e.g. EV motorcycles, milk production, C+I solar and others), some of which were featured on the RF homepage as part of their “Road to Glasgow” series.

SF logo.png

The Green Energy Future for Rural Africa report outlines a $200bn opportunity for climate-first funders to avoid 626 m/t CO2e while delivering universal energy access in Africa by 2030 − helping to achieve several of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and global net-zero emissions by 2050. Launched on Earth Day 2021, this report was the culmination of a collaborative research and predictive modeling process, in conjunction with the report sponsors and other global partners.  As a follow up, Catalyst carried out follow-on climate finance work, focused on country-level reports for Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Uganda, which were showcased at COP 26 in November 2021.

Lasting Impact.png

In 2018, Sustainable Energy for All and the United Nations Foundation commissioned Catalyst to prepare Lasting Impact: Sustainable Off-Grid Solar Delivery Models to Power Health and Education. Through analysis of several case studies and other research, Catalyst revealed how different delivery models promote—and likewise, hinder—the long-term sustainability of off-grid solar projects in public institutions (notably in health and education facilities). This report is widely regarded as the seminal research in the sector on public facility electrification sustainability.

taking the pulse

Catalyst was mandated to develop the 2019 edition of Taking the Pulse, part of SEforALL's flagship research series, Energizing Finance. The report relied heavily on an empirically-based model to derive projected financing needs for each of the focus countries (Uganda, Madagascar, Philippines). The report examines historical trends with respect to electrification and cooking in each of the countries and establishes baseline scenarios. It then utilizes the electrification and cooking forecasts to establish the volume and blend of capital that would be required for enterprises to deliver energy services to households.


Catalyst is proud to be part of the GET.invest Finance Readiness Support. It serves early-stage energy access companies local to sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific by getting them ready for investments. The service offers a combination of business development support and advice on access to finance, thus enhancing the company structures and processes for raising capital. The Finance Readiness Support is a service of the European programme GET.invest, supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria.

Achieving SDG7
SF logo.png

In 2017, the Shell Foundation commissioned Catalyst to produce a flagship report: Unlocking Climate Finance to Accelerate Energy Access in Africa to analyze the financing required to achieve SDG 7 in Africa through the expansion of off-grid solar systems and mini-grids. Given the impact this work had on the Foundation’s strategic areas of focus (leading to three priority initiatives for the Foundation related to finance and business model innovation), Shell Foundation approached Catalyst to produce a follow on piece, with a focus on the potential climate impacts of reaching SDG 7 in Africa through various pathways whilst identifying climate finance opportunities for increasing off-grid electrification and improved cooking.

Screen Shot 2023-05-09 at 10.50.22 AM.png

In 2022, Catalyst was retained by GOGLA to deliver a series of trainings for 19 companies taking part in GOGLA ELEVATE - an investment readiness program for off-grid solar companies across Africa. The training cultivated the entrepreneurs’ knowledge and skills related to three core themes: telling a compelling business story, preparing for and identifying investment opportunities, and analyzing and improving the profitability of their products. This on-going interactive learning experience is grounded in industry realities and takes place via online group modules and in-person workshops.

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